The Sandusky County Fair logo was adopted in 1986 following a county-wide logo contest. The winning entry visually communicates the major elements of the Sandusky County Fair.

Sandusky County Fair Logo

Key elements of the design include a family at the center of the design, because it is the families that have kept the county fair strong. Livestock include horses, cattle, sheep swine, poultry, and family pets. The trees represent the agricultural contribution to the fair, representing resources of flowers, vegetables, fruits and grains. Amusement rides, clowns and balloons complete the design. The Ferris wheel, one of the earliest amusement rides, represents all amusement rides. Located at the center of the design, it connects all of the elements.

Smokey the Clown Memorial

The clown images represent all entertainment. The image of the clown to the right of the family memorializes"Smoky, the Clown, (Phil Huss)" who served many years and entertained many generations of fairgoers in Sandusky County. In 2002, a granite marker was erected at the Rawson Avenue gate from funds raised by Friends of Smoky the Clown.