2021 Fair
Entry Forms & Registrations

Entry Forms:

Entry Form - Dept 1 & 2
     (Light Legged Horses & Ponies)
Draft Ponies, Horses & Mules)

Entry Form - Dept 3 - 8
     (Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Goats,

         Swine AffidavitRACTOPAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE (Paylean Free)

     USDA-Animal ID Form - Goats/Sheep Only

Open Rabbit Show Entry Form
Entry Form - Dept 9 - 19
      (Farm Products, Canned Goods, Baking, Needlework,
              Art, Photography, Floriculture, Antiques/Memorabilia,
              Hobbies/Crafts, Models & Collections)
Jr Fair Entry Form
      (Livestock & FFA projects)

Jr Fair Horse Entry Form

2021 Cover.png

Registration Forms:

Baby Contest - "Down on the Farm"
     Saturday at 10:30am held at the Log Cabin. 
         Entry Fee - $5       Deadline to Register - NOON on Friday
         Age Divisions for Both Boys & Girls
                6-12 Mths   13-18 Mths    19-24 Mths   25-36 Mths

Demolition Derby
        Friday at 7:30pm held at the Grandstands
                     Kids Power Wheels begin at 7:00pm

        Twisted Metal Derby Rules
        Demo Derby Entry Form
Chicken Scramble
     Wednesday at 6:00pm held at the Grandstands. 
         Entry Fee - $10 - Deadline to Register Monday 8/23
Lamb Scramble
     Wednesday Following the Chicken Scramble
               held at the Grandstands. 
         Entry Fee - $10 - Deadline to Register Monday 8/23
Pig Scramble
           Wednesday Following the Lamb Scramble
              held at the Grandstands.
     No Entry Fee - Deadline to Register Monday 8/9

Calf Scramble
     Friday Following Pig Scramble held at the Grandstands. 
Entry Fee - $10 - Deadline to Register Monday 8/23

Horseshoe Contest
     Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
         Sign up day of event



Horseshoe Contest.png

Cover Art – "I grew up here, so everytime around the end of summer I always looked forward to the fair. Fair week is always fun staying out late hanging with your friends, looking at the animals, cool exhibits, riding rides, eating fair-food, and of course the demolitiion derby! Now as an adult or a big kid at heart, ha, however you look at it I make sure to bring my son to share in the activities. My cover idea design was based on some of the things I enjoyed the most, sadly I could not fit everything on my cover though."  Thank you - Josh Dicker


The Fairbook Cover Art Work – is the class winner of Department 13 – Art – Class 289 – Lot 1

Winner of class will be chosen as the following year’s featured artwork. See Fairbook for official rules and deadlines.