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2023 Fair
Entry Forms & Registrations

Entry Forms:

Entry Form - Dept 1 & 2
     (Light Legged Horses & Ponies)
Draft Ponies, Horses & Mules)

Entry Form - Dept 3 - 8 
     (Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Goats,
         Swine Affidavit - RACTOPAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE (Paylean Free)
     USDA-Animal ID Form - Goats/Sheep Only

Entry Form - Dept 9 - 19
      (Farm Products, Canned Goods, Baking, Needlework,
              Art, Photography, Floriculture, Antiques/Memorabilia,
              Hobbies/Crafts, Models & Collections)
Jr Fair Entry Form      (Livestock & FFA projects)

Jr Fair Horse Entry Form

2023 FAIRBOOK COVER 001.jpg

Registration Forms:

Baby Contest 
    "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"

     Saturday at 10:30am held at the Log Cabin. 
         Entry Fee - $5       Deadline to Register - NOON on Friday
         Age Divisions for Both Boys & Girls
                6-12 Mths   13-18 Mths    19-24 Mths   25-36 Mths

Demolition Derby
        Friday at 6:00pm held at the Grandstands
                     Kids Power Wheels 

        Twisted Metal Derby Rules
        Demo Derby Entry Form
Chicken Scramble
     Wednesday at 7:00pm held at the Grandstands. 
         Entry Fee - $$ - Deadline to Register Monday 
Lamb Scramble
     Wednesday Following the Chicken Scramble
               held at the Grandstands. 
         Entry Fee - $$ - Deadline to Register Monday 
Calf Scramble
           Wednesday Following the Lamb Scramble
              held at the Grandstands.
     Entry Fee - $$ - Deadline to Register Monday 


Horseshoe Contest
     Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
         Sign up day of event




Cover Art by Regan Draeger—"I have been showing livestock and open class art at the fair since I was 5, so I knew exactly what I wanted to highlight in this design. From animals to rides, some of my best memories have been made at this fair, and I am beyond appreciative of those who volunteer tirelessly each year to make it happen. I also included the historical barn because the design on the roof is unique to our county and a part of our fairgrounds. I am entering my last year at the Ohio State University and will earn my degree in horticulture in the spring, much of the inspiration for which came from this fair.”


The Fairbook Cover Art Work – is the class winner of Department 13 – Art – Class 289 – Lot 1

Winner of class will be chosen as the following year’s featured artwork. See Fairbook for official rules and deadlines.

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