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Capital Campaign

Fremont, Ohio

Directors of the Sandusky County Agricultural Society are launching a $1.2 million five-year capital campaign to raise funds for fairground improvement projects that will benefit multiple activities held on the grounds each year.

The Board of Directors announced the campaign in June at a chicken BBQ on the grounds. Board members introduced campaign projects to the guests after completing a board member solicitation in which 100 percent of the current members made a commitment to the campaign. “We, as board members, are deeply committed to the success of this campaign. It will benefit the thousands who participate in the Fair and other events each year, and especially young folks who exhibit through the Junior Fair division,” said Harold Overmyer, President of the Society.

The $1.2 million campaign will allow for the construction of a new 120’ X 180’ horse barn on the main grounds that will be the new home for Junior Fair horse exhibitors. This new facility will free up an existing horse barn to become a goat barn, the fastest growing species exhibited at the Fair. “Activities take place on the grounds most weeks of each year,” said Greg Diedrich, campaign manager. “We want to make sure that all of our services operate efficiently and are safe for the thousands of folks who participate in not only the Fair, but also the sales, flea markets, races, and other events.” For more information, please contact Greg at or visit

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